• Karlos R Manager / Head Trainer


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
    • Certified Spinning® Instructor
    • American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

    Karlos brings a solid 8+ years of professional fitness training and leadership skills. Karlos, while a spinning participant, was singled out by the entire group of instructors as qualified to join them due to his excellent form, rhythm and speed in their classes. He quickly adapted to this new role of instructing and his passion for helping others improve and grow along with his skill level continued to grow. He has built quite a reputation in the Spinning Community at Burbank Athletic Club and the Burn Cycle due to his “attention to detail” style of instructing and coaching. His music mixes are legendary and students from his classes continuously shower accolades about his classes.

    Karlos discovered clearly his passion for fitness and health training. Karlos is also a Certified Personal Trainer – training all levels and ages of clients including group classes at BAC and as you know, here at ACF. Karlos is also current with his long-held AED/CPR Certification.

    Karlos’ background not only includes health and fitness, but also boasts some excellent Marketing and Graphic Design skills and experience. Upon graduation from John Burroughs H.S. in Burbank he went on to earn his B.A. Degree in Visual Communications from Platt College. He also holds an AA in Graphic Design and Certification in Multi-Media. His work experience post-graduation includes a large Print Shop and a 3-D Post-Production company as an Artist heading up several creative projects.

    Karlos also held leadership positions with Keller Williams Realty as Agent Service Coordinator – helping over 100 agents grow their businesses using a multitude of tools. He was quickly promoted to the position of Marketing Coordinator where he was able to apply his Graphic Design skills. Having spent 3 years in these positions, he was on the start-up team of the new DTLA Keller Williams Regional Office.

    Having succeeded at Keller Williams, Karlos moved up to the position of Director of Marketing at a Law Firm in Glendale where he led the overall Marketing programs for the Real Estate arm of the firm.

    Karlos was recently optioned his CrossFit Level 1 Certification. He is very excited and looking forward to taking his experience and applying to coaching CrossFit. Expect to see him coaching CrossFit starting September 2015.

  • Zac B Management

    Zac has worked out in several gyms and with several trainers. Angelino is the best. He believes small group fitness is the best way to get someone with no fitness background to reach their fitness goals safely and effectively.

    His life changed when he was 24, he lost 60 lbs and has kept it off ever since. He believes that maintaining one’s physical health is vital to one’s overall health. We live in a fast pace world and It can be difficult to make time for fitness. Zac wants Angelino to be a place where you make time for fitness, catch up with friends, plan fun events, and support one another’s fitness goals.

    Many people say, “CrossFit is hard,” or “I don’t wanna get hurt;” these people need to give Angelino a chance. We can train anyone at any level. Our goal is to bring fitness regularity to people’s lives in a small group/personal training environment. Our coaching and community are the difference.

    “Keep showing up and be mindful of your body”

    -Zac Baumer