• Karlos Ramirez Gym Manager / Head Coach

    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

    Certified Spinning® Instructor

    American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

    Karlos brings a solid 10+ years of professional fitness training and leadership skills – most recently in the past 3 years as Gym Manager & Head Coach. Karlos also offers personal training sessions. As Head Coach, Karlos uses his outstanding programming skills to bring our member Athletes a varied Strength Training and “WOD” (Workout of the Day) each and every day.  When Karlos was a young Spinning participant,  he was singled out by the entire group of instructors as qualified to join them due to his excellent form, rhythm and speed in their classes. He quickly adapted to this new role of instructing and his passion for helping others improve and grow along with his skill level continued to grow. He built quite a reputation in the Spinning Community due to his “attention to detail” style of instructing and coaching. Karlos carried that same style and skill to his present job at Angelino CrossFit. Karlos will tell you that he loves helping others grow and develop in their healthy lifestyle and feels that it’s his passion and his calling.

    Karlos’ background not only includes health and fitness, but also boasts some excellent Marketing and Graphic Design skills and experience. Upon graduation from John Burroughs H.S. in Burbank he went on to earn his B.A. Degree in Visual Communications from Platt College. He also holds an AA in Graphic Design and Certification in Multi-Media. His work experience post-graduation includes a large Print Shop and a 3-D Post-Production company as an Artist heading up several creative projects.

    Karlos also held leadership positions with Keller Williams Realty as Agent Service Coordinator – helping over 100 agents grow their businesses using a multitude of tools. He was quickly promoted to the position of Marketing Coordinator where he was able to apply his Graphic Design skills. Having spent 3 years in these positions, he was on the start-up team of the new DTLA Keller Williams Regional Office.

    Having succeeded at Keller Williams, Karlos moved up to the position of Director of Marketing at a Law Firm in Glendale where he led the overall Marketing programs for the Real Estate arm of the firm.

    Karlos’ open, warm and friendly attitude sets the right environment at our “Neighborhood Gym” He has done an excellent job in maintaining a true “Community Feeling” among our member Athletes. Come on in and meet Karlos and try a session or two – you’ll be glad you did and like so many others you will probably join us.  We’d love to have you! 

  • Kevin Shea
    Kevin Shea CrossFit Coach/Trainer

    CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

    A.C.E. Personal Training Certification

    CPR/AED/First Aid Certified (American Heart Ass’n.)

    Kevin is originally from Fall River, Massachusetts – a small town outside of Boston.  Kevin describes his hometown as being “slums” – i.e., surrounded by poverty.  But – Kevin discovered his love for Fitness during High School where he was very active in Sports. Kevin ran track and was an Athlete in Soccer, Swimming and on the Wrestling Team and in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Kevin actually trained on his own time in the High School Gym on CrossFit skills learning the finer aspects of “Constantly Varied – High Intensity – Functional Movement”…which led to his Certification in Level I CrossFit.  Kevin truly developed a healthy obsession with the concepts of health and fitness in these early years.

    Unable to find the “right fit” in a Gym near and around Fall River, Kevin decided to make the BIG MOVE to Los Angeles – where he knew that the Fitness Industry was booming and the “fitness lifestyle” is a staple among L.A.’s healthy lifestyle minded population.  Our “Neighborhood Gym” Angelino CrossFit turned out to be the absolute perfect match for Kevin and he has blended in very well with our Athletes and our programs.  Kevin demonstrates a strong desire to coach and train our member Athletes to make a positive impact in their lives.

    Kevin has truly enjoyed his Coaching here at Angelino CrossFit and continues to grow along with our Athlete members. He enjoys competitive sports and adds a great influence to our Athletes as they prepare for In-House and outside CrossFit Competitions.  You will find that on some early mornings, Kevin uses “games” in the warm-up period for fun and a good solid warm-up.  We’re delighted to have Kevin here as part of our Awesome Coaching Team at Angelino CrossFit.